Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whalebone Macaroni

This print of the Whale Bone Macaroni (c1772) shows us a Staymaker making a delivery of a pair of stays. This is one of series of prints spoofing the "Macaroni" fashion being followed by tradesmen. He certainly looks more dashing than one would expect a hardworking tradesman to dress. The Lewis Walpole Digital Library has a number of these prints online, follow the links to see addtional tradesmen dressed in the exaggerated continental style known as Macaroni.

Courtesy of the Lewis Walpole Digital Library


  1. I am interested in Macaroni fashion and would like to exchange ideas.
    Moira Bonnington

  2. Moira,

    The Lewis Walpole Library has more of the Macaroni prints and many others spoofing the Macaroni Fashions, another great source for prints is the Boston Museum of Fine arts website, they have a number of the Gallerie de Modes prints in their online database. www.mfa.org


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