Thursday, September 29, 2011

Corset Calender


An ebay listing, I know many 18th century staymakers also make corsets from other time periods.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jumps? or Bodice?

On ebay, this very interesting upper body garment brings lots of questions, no answers.   No sure date, no provenance, if I were to guess I would say c1790-1800.  But.. that is a guess only. Let's take a look

 Inside view of the lining has the typical piecing of an early garment.  The quality and color of the linen lining is also correct for an early garment.

 This center front view shows lacing holes that I am guessing from the image are about 2 inches apart.  Hard to tell but they do not look like the holes accommodate a spiral lacing, but since I can document non spiral laced stays in the 18th century (center front lacing), this is not a deal breaker.

 The edges of the neck and center front are bound in ribbon, not an uncommon finish for raw edges.  The eyelets are odd colors, but I believe that is more a function of fugitive dyes than it is a planned arrangement of colored eyelets.  The eyelets look correct, the knots on the back are correct for the period as well.  The stitches are also correct.

 This little inserted gusset is also a typical fitting solution for the 18th century.
The fabric will be the big clue here.  Now we just have to find a similar printed fabric and we could possibly nail down the date.

 Back view with split tabs.

Inside view of center back.  The construction of the lining is also very typical 18th century.

Ok.. lots of observations on my part, no conclusions. But I don't think it is fake.  Comments?